Sare Rishte Tabah Kar Aaya – Ghazal Jaun Elia

Poet: Jaun Elia

Sare Rishte Tabah Kar Aaya

Sare Rishte Tabah Kar AayaGhazal-Sare Rishte Tabah Kar Aaya

Translation in English and Marathi

Sare Rishte Tabah Kar Aaya

All the relationships have come down
The heart came to his house

Long-term blood sugar
What effect have you got?

I was in the news
From all sides I came unaware

Now here I am in my senses
Will not come if I come

I have been living separately from my age
I remember myself

One who had a heart name
Today I too regret it

I went home after the period
I was afraid of going there,