Top 10 English Sad Love Poetry 2 Lines About Life Pain

Sadness is not without reason. There can be many reasons. Someone is sad because of the uncivilized attitude of the society. Someone is sad in love. Here are some poems that can ease your anxiety. Let’s read

English sad poetry 2 lines
English sad poetry 2 lines

Hurt And Pain
– Lora

Hurt and pain.
There’s much to gain.
Peace and love.
It’s all the same.
Confusion and doubt.
We’re not without.
We weep, we cry.
We plead, we try.
We laugh, we smile.
Only to be hurt
By one last trial.
Life is a lesson,
So learn it well.
Maybe one day
You can tell its tale.


Love sad poetry in english
Love sad poetry in english

How Could I Be So Lonely
– Cath Glasgow

How could I be so lost
In a place I know so well?
How could I be so broken
In a family so together?
How could I be so lonely
Surrounded by so many?
How could I be so unhappy
Surrounded by so much beauty?
How could I be me
When even I remain a mystery?


Sad poetry in english urdu

In Spite Of You
– Jennifer A. Boulch

At you

Because of you

In spite of you


Sad poems about life and pain
Sad poems about life and pain

No Celebration
– John P. Read

What’s the point of celebrating
When the ones you loved have gone?
It’s only the beginning of another year,
Another year of struggling alone.

Nothing new will happen.
Nothing old will ever change.
The past has left its scars.
Now only old memories remain.


Sad poetry in english alone
Sad poetry in english alone

Possibility Pair, Of Ox
– David Mchugh

I wake up,
I never sleep

I fill my lungs,
I never breathe

I move my lips,
I never speak

Broken pipes that never leak

I open eyes,
I cannot see

I spire thoughts
I cannot teach

I drip in eighths,
I cannot listen

Tortured souls that cannot glisten


Sad poetry in english status
Sad poetry in english status

The Opposite Is Also True
– Coral

They say it’s sweet that we laugh
because our bodies literally
can’t contain the

But the opposite is also true. We cry
because our bodies physically
can’t contain the


Short sad poetry in english
Short sad poetry in english

Silent Tears
– Amanda Smith

Shh…listen, don’t you hear?
I’m crying, but they are silent tears.
I’m crying on the inside so you can’t see
all the pain running though me .
I cry for you, I cry for me.
I cry for the times I can’t,
so if you listen, you may hear my silent tears.


heart broken poetry

Two Hundred Twelve
– Tanya Markul

If you’ve had a hard time
replacing pain with love,
you’re not alone.

Embrace all of you.

It takes more than
the sun to make
a rainbow.


life pain poetry

The Change
– Samia Bibi

Your eyes don’t seem so bright.
They’ve lost their shining light.

Your smile,
It was the perfect style.

So elegant and right;
Now it’s been pulled tight.

Your face looks gone,
Like when humanity’s last breath is drawn.


painful poetry

The Mask
– Kathy Russell

Who am I?
You think you know…
Behind this mask of a
smile is a desperate heart
hiding tears flowing, slamming
against the walls of my heart
like the rising waterscapes on a stormy day.
You think you see me for who I am,
but I allow you only to see who I wish I were.


The Perfect Little Town
– Irwin Mercer

The little town was the perfect little town,
Where never would you see even one little frown.
No matter where you’d go around town to stroll,
There were perfect little houses, all in a perfect row.

It was the perfect town, till you crossed the tracks,
Where there were rows and rows of dirty little shacks.
The people who lived there lived just outside,
Just outside of the perfect little town.


Let It Rain
– Justin Raphael Lopez Gutierrez

Clouds of thunder, pouring rain,
The hurt I feel, the throbbing pain.
Droplets trickling down my face.
Shall rain give me this one embrace?

Drenched and cold, my biggest fears,
Not by the rain but by my tears.
When will this storm come to an end?
Embrace me rain, my only friend.


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